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I'm 38 years old and had a huge fear of driving due to accident I was in when I was a teenager. The car accident kept me from driving all of these years. I decided to face my fear of driving and go for my driving license. I signed up with Asta Driving School and took 10 hours lesson ( i really thought I will need more then 10 hours to learn how to drive). My driver instructor was Ali, highly refer him to adults who have a fear of driving. Ali was very professional and patient. He makes you feel very conformable behind  the wheel. The car has brakes and gas paddle on the passenger side so the instructor can take control of the car, if they need too. Within ONE week ( 10 hours lesson) a overcome my fear of driving and pass my road test. I just got my driving license today!!! I highly recommended this school. If you have a fear of driving like I did, go a head and sign up. Ali or one of his partner will help you overcome the fear and you will be driving in no time. Margaret from Warrenton, VA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ASTA Driving School's great! I've been afraid of driving for a long time, and could never find anyone supportive, patient, and understanding enough to help me learn. That is until I took my driving classes under Ali! At 24 years old, it was difficult finding people to help me learn to drive, especially since I couldn't even leave the neighborhood in fear of getting hurt in an accident. On the first day driving with Ali, I felt assured by his confident attitude, but was still alittle scared. He understood right away and, while controlling the break and gas on the passenger side, he let me begin my lesson only steering for a whole hour. After that, I felt confident and trusting toward him to be able to drive on my own. He tells me often how impressed he is by my good observational skills and how fast of a learner I am. It really helps to know that even when I get scared while driving and do something wrong, Ali is able to help control the car for me and stay calm and understanding. Christina from Sterling, VA.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The driving instructor, Ali, is the best in the area. He is very professional, patient, and positive; I never once felt stressed or uncomfortable behind the wheel. Going into the program I had major problems turning, parking, and backing up in reverse. By the end of the second lesson I was able to preform all of these maneuvers with confidence. By the end of the third lesson I had my driver's license. I highly recommend ASTA to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. TL,DR: Got my driver's license after only 3 lessons with ASTA. Heather, from Gainesville, VA.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

ASTA driving school has proven to have successfully helped me get my drivers license. I was nervous at first when I took a few of my lessons with driving instructor Mr. Ali. He is considerably patient, understanding, and effectively knowledgeable as he helped me to learn. After a few hours of practice, however, I started to see I had made progress, such as I noticed I was better at making turns when Mr. Ali didn't have to remind me to "speed" and "release" the steering wheel anymore. From what Mr. Ali has told me he has also successfully helped other students pass their driving tests, even on their first try. Even as I was feeling anxious when I took my driving test in the end I was surprised and happy when I passed it on my first try. Thus, Mr. Ali has proven that ASTA driving school is a good driving school. Thu from Sterling VA.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The instructor that I have is very knowledgeable and patient. He really knows how to teach and give you lots of valuable detail information while you are learning. I also agreed with the following reviews.I would recommend asta driving school to everyone. Joyc Lu--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I am really impressed by the instructor, he has been professional and patient with all the time. After couple of classes I see dramatically changes in my driving skills and I am sure that I will get my driving license next week. I recommend this driving school to everyone, DJ  from Reston, VA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I took lessons from Muhammed and Ali and they were equally kind and patient. I couldn't have asked for better instructors to help me cope with my anxiety on the road and for taking me all the way back home to get documents I forgot to bring to the DMV!Sher from Ashburn, VA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I owe this review to Asta Driving School for helping me get my Drivers License. I have taken their  behind the wheel classes from Ali, the training was very meticulous and trainer displays enormous amount of patience and is very courteous during the driving lessons. I recommend Asta Driving school to all the newbies. This the best driving schools in northern Virginia. I have taken four lessons before I got my DL :)Pranaya from South Riding, VA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Well, I usually don't  write comments even if I'm satisfied with the services I get however, ASTA have done a great job. I learned behind the wheel in chantilly va and took five lessons only and I took my road and rage (behind the wheel) test in manassas va and I passed awesome instructor. I highly recommend to all in fairfax va. ThanksGyanendra from Chantilly VA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

For my 17yr old son I was searching driving school in va, driving school in chantilly va,driving school in Herndon va, driving school in fairfax va, driving school in centreville va,driving school in manassas va,driving school in Gainesville va, driving school in haymarket va,driving school in bristow va,driving school in sterling va and I read their review but I found ASTA driving they had the best reviews so, I enrolled my son with them and they did a very good job. Now my son can drive safely and James--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I went into the practice lessons not confident in my driving. With only a couple lessons, I felt a difference in my driving. I now have my license and I continue to get better because of the help and safety tips my driving instructor had given me. The instructor is very knowledgable and will do everything to help you get over your fears of driving. by Delante--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This driving school is very affordable with very knowledgeable instructors who have flexible schedules so anyone can find time in theirs. by Allan--------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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